Future Works

In addition to the A Night at Gatsby’s video and playbook, the following related works are also being planned.

Augmented Reality Playlet App
Gatsby AR will be a downloadable app for smartphones, tablets, computers, and AR glasses that plays on any open indoor or outdoor floor space for 1 minute as a form of performance art and online marketing for the other dramatic works.  The app begins with voice-overs of Gatsby’s guests repeating the common rumors and lies about him, followed by Gatsby telling even more lies about his life.

Harlem Renaissance Musical

The musical will dramatize fictional 1920’s Harlem bootlegger J Gatsby and his American Dream of becoming rich to “repeat the past” and win back his former lover A'Lelia Walker. The musical presents through dialogue, dance and period/modern Blues and Jazz music the interrelated stories and dreams of J Gatsby and five historical Harlem residents-- A'Lelia Walker, Dr. Wiley Wilson, W. E. B. Du Bois, Alberta Hunter, and Paul Robeson.


250 East 87 Street
New York, NY 10128

About us

A Night at Gatsby’s is a reimagination of The Great Gatsby that preserves the novel’s voice while breaking the fourth wall and immersing viewers in one of Jay Gatsby’s unforgettable parties to relive his story from the initial rumors and lies about Gatsby, through his reunion with Daisy and confrontation with Tom, and ending with his lonely farewell.


Photo of OHEKA CASTLE by Elliott Kaufman Photography